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FMS - Facilities Management Services

Welcome to HRC, we are a private limited company operating from our corporate office at Chennai with branches in Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

We are of the very few companies structured to provide our depth of field experience, certified expertise, best-in-class processes, and continuous client collaboration. It's this unique combination of offerings that makes HRC second-to-none in the industry.

Our model is scalable, based on client needs, we determine which service delivery method works most effectively for the unique requirements of our Client's business, the result is high-performing facilities that improves business productivity, reduces energy consumption and thus costs, providing a long-term value.

We have the people, processes, ISO-certified quality standards, and best proven industry technology to help clients maintain their competitive edge.

Our Services

  • HVAC systems Maintenance
  • Access control and CCTV systems O&M
  • Electrical Systems Maintenance
  • Audio Visual system maintenance & Operation
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance
  • Roads and Grounds maintenance
  • Irrigation networks Maintenance
  • Water treatment and Systems
  • House keeping
  • Pest Control
  • Janitorial Services
  • Pools Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Security Services
  • Safety Services
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Facilities Management Consultancy
  • Facilities Condition Assessment
  • Renovation & Fit-out management
  • Handover Management
  • DLP/Warranty Management
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Life Cycle Management and costing
  • Service Charges Management
  • Energy Management
  • HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment)
  • Waste Management


Operations and Maintenance – O & M Technical

We offer a range of engineering services to undertake complete management of building assets such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Civil works, Electrical Systems, Fire Detection and Fire Suppression systems, Critical systems management, Access control, CCTV, Utilities and Infrastructure, including irrigation systems.

Soft Services

HRC Facilities Services portfolio in soft services include Janitorial services, Concierge and Reception services, Mail room and Porter services, Landscaping, Water bodies maintenance, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Fleet management, Dry & Wet Waste management, Vending services and Pest control services. We provide qualified, highly trained, and reliable team to assure high standards across all business sectors and disciplines.

Electro Mechanical Maintance & Civil Works

Janitorial Services & Waste Management

Landscape Maintance & Pest Control

Security Services

Help Desk & CMMS

Support Services

We also offer a variety of services for the unique needs of residential and commercial real estate sectors, like; Project Management, Fit outs Management, Work Permits systems, Energy and Environment Management, Restoration & Business Continuity, Crises Management Services and Hospitality support services.

Performance Management

We analyze the overall service outputs by identifying factors which have an definite impact on our clients' business objectives. Our Management teams' collective 100 years of experience will see through even the smallest detail.

  • Daily Cleaning
  • Periodical Cleaning
  • Special Cleaning
  • Segment Cleaning
  • Front Office
  • Back Office
  • Welfare Facilities
  • Labour Supply
  • Building Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • EnvironemntMaintenance
  • Energy
  • Damage Control
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Vending Services
  • Event Catering
  • Confectionery Services
  • Physical Security
  • Surveillance
  • Technical Installations
  • Workplace Emergency
  • Consulting Services

Other Capabilities

Specialized Engineering Services

In addition to our Integrated Facilities Management services, we also offer our clients specialized Technical Services to address uniquely challenges faced by facilities integrations in diversified sites. Our Specialized Engineering Services significantly enhance the following processes:

  • MEP Installation and Commissioning
  • HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering Services
  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting
  • Electrical and Electronics (low current) Services
  • Automation
  • HVAC critical systems services
  • Automation systems
  • Retrofit / Upgradation
  • Revamp / Modification

Value Added Services

Asset Audits

HRC Facilities Services specializes in conducting comprehensive Asset Audits for clients to analyze the state of their assets, energy usage and energy audits. We work with our clients in optimizing their energy consumption to achieve significant cost savings and in maintaining PF (power factor) and (MD) Maximum demand. Preliminary audits are performed on all our sites and detailed audits of asset condition and energy audit is done is arrangement with our clients.

Energy Consumption

We analyze your Electricity Bill, Electrical utilities Performance (Transformers, Diesel Generators, Motors, Pumps, Fans, Air Compressors, Air Handling Units, Chillers, UPS Systems, and HVAC systems)

Evaluations of important parameters such as Energy Costs (₹/kWh), Operating Demand (KVA), Power Factor (PF), Energy Performance Index (kWh/m2/Yr.) & Average Annual Hourly Energy Performance Index (Wh/Hour/ m2) for Commercial Buildings and Energy Consumption for Industries.


  • Thermography Audit
  • Power Quality Audit
  • HSE Audit – OSHAS 18001: 2015
  • Assist with the implementation of IMS to achieve ISO certification.  HSE Audit and Fire Safety Training to help our Clients' strengthen their Crisis Management systems.

Industrial Facilities Management

We offer a wide range of services specific to the stringent, requirements of the industrial sector like; manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, logistics and processing units.

We provide the requisite technical skills to carry out Erection, Commissioning, Maintenance, Operation, Project, Shutdown activities in all sectors of industries.

Our Clients